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The Irish Legal System

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The Irish Legal System

Duration 8 Weeks 
Cost €99
Night Monday 5.00pm - 7.00pm


Course Description

An intensive eight week course that deals with aspects of the law and legal system as it affects our everyday lives. The course will apply legal principles to typical situations like contracts, dealing with government and large institutions, families, houses, land, road traffic, landlord/tenant, court appearances, criminal and civil law and the constitution. Each module will deal with a specific area of the law and the last module will consist of a court hearing with two teams of "lawyers" pleading an opposing argument in front of a legal professional panel on a topic already covered in the course.
The course would suit those who have an interest in the law as it affects them day to day and those who may be interested in pursuing further formal studies towards a career in the law or legal related service.

The course presenter is a former practising solicitor who has worked in both private practice and a large commercial institution.

Module I

Module II

Module III

Module IV

Module V

Module VI

Conveyancing 2

Module VII

Module VIII

Module IX

Module X