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AOF10 - Human Resource Management (Level 6)

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AOF10 - Human Resource Management  (Level 6)

Duration 10 Weeks
Cost €270.00
Night Monday 6.00pm - 9.30pm

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Level 6 Human Resource Management Learning Outcomes:

  1. Assess the evolution, nature, scope and policy goals of human resource management
  2. Evaluate the relevance of strategic human resource management to organisational performance and business strategy
  3. Explore the benefits and process of human resource planning, to include appropriate strategies for dealing with labour shortages and surpluses
  4. Assess the goals, benefits, process and methods of organisational motivation, training and development to include the needs for and benefits of a training plan
  5. Evaluate the core objectives, benefits, challenges and methods of performance management, to include evaluation of what constitutes good performance management and reward systems
  6. Explore the role, benefits and methodologies of effective grievance and discipline handling within an organisation
  7. Evaluate the theoretical basis for Industrial Relations and its application in the business environment
  8. Generate appropriate recruitment and selection documentation to include job specification, person specification and interview marking sheets
  9. Devise an interview strategy for a stated vacancy, to include an appropriate interview environment, panel and structure, and use of appropriate interview techniques and questions, taking cognisance of relevant employment legislation
  10. Formulate appropriate performance management methodologies for an organisation
  11. Formulate appropriate performance management methodologies for given organisational roles
  12. Generate appropriate grievance and discipline strategies for a given set of circumstances
  13. Apply theoretical principles and practical skills to solving human resource management issues in the work environment
  14. Support the effective operation of a human resource department in the business environment.

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