Night Classes at Ó Fiaich Institute of Further Education

Autumn Term

Night Classes at Ó Fiaich Institute of Further Education

Autumn 2021 Programme

Terms & Conditions

Ó Fiaich - Terms & Conditions

Updated Terms & Condition  O Fiaich Evening Classes

Section 1: Enrolment and Payment of Fees Policy

a. Students may enrol in the following ways:

  •  Online on using laser, credit or visa debit card
  •  All payments to be made by card, cheque or postal order. No cash payments preferably on enrolment days and nights as per advertisements.
  •  Through an employer / agency (students are required to provide a covering letter and employer/agency will be invoiced for fee outstanding.)
  •  Places may not be booked without payment of fee.

b. Bank card number and expiry date required on all cheque payments

c. Students must give contact details on enrolment to facilitate college contact. This may be

used as required e.g. class cancellation. Correspondence regarding courses will be by Text, Phone call, Email and Social Media (Facebook).

d. Students enrolling on certified courses must give details of the following to facilitate exam entry.  Failure to do so will mean students cannot be enrolled for examinations and assessment.

  •  PPS number
  •  Date of birth
  •  Valid Mobile Phone Number
  •  Medical card number and expiry date if applicable
  •  Confirmation of reading ability and accepting terms and conditions

e. Fee payment by instalment cannot be facilitated.

f. Students intending to undertake Leaving Certificate examinations must contact the State Examinations Commission at commencement of course. LMETB is not responsible for registering students for Leaving Certificate examinations.

g. Some courses may incur additional costs e.g. examination fees and/or class materials.

h. The College reserves the right to withhold certification from students who have not fully paid for their course.

i. The Board of Management reserves the right of admission. Participants must be at least 16 years of age in order to participate in Evening Class Programmes.

j. All course participants attend at their own risk. Neither O Fiaich Institute nor LMETB accept liability for damage or injury to persons or property, or for property mislaid while present in the college or on the grounds.


Section 2: Refund Policy

a. Evening class programmes must be self-financing. For a class to commence there must be a minimum number of participants. If a class does not proceed participants will be notified as soon as possible and given a choice of either transferring to a different course or a full refund.

b. No refunds are payable under any circumstances once the course commences. No refunds will be issued if students fail coursework due to weak communication skills or lack of attendance.

c. LMETB allows a 20% discount for those in receipt of social welfare, including state pension. A completed social welfare discount form must be furnished in order to process discount. To download a social welfare discount form for your chosen Night Class Centre visit

d. No Social Welfare refunds will be processed once a class is finished.

e. All refunds will be processed to the card from which payment was made. All cheque payments due refund will be processed by cheque.


Section 3: Enrolment and Start Dates Policy

a. Enrolment and start dates are advertised on and in the local media. Students should make themselves aware of these dates.

b. Our policy on enrolment is first come, first served. Classes are subject to both minimum and maximum numbers.

c. Evening Class Department exclusively will determine what class group the student will attend based on policy (b.) above.

d. All prospective students must satisfy themselves that they have sufficient communication skills to successfully complete assessment requirements before enrolling.


Section 4: Class Cancellations Policy

a. Class cancellations may occur due to exceptional circumstances e.g. bad weather. Students will receive notification via text.

b. Evening Class Department reserve the right to rearrange class timetable to alternative dates.


Section 5: QQI Course & Assessment Policy

a. The following are conditions which relate to QQI course participation and assessment:

  • 80% attendance is expected on all QQI courses and participants should contact the tutor if they think they may fall below this level.
  • QQI Registration forms need to be completed by all participants undertaking all QQI course. These will be available at the beginning of the course.
  • All QQI Coursework should be submitted directly to the tutor in all instances where possible.
  • Students are required to keep an electronic copy of all coursework they submit as a backup.
  • All QQI Coursework needs to be submitted by the deadline as outlined by the tutor.
  • Extensions to coursework deadlines is only possible in exceptional circumstances. Your tutor will need to request an extension from the QQI Coordinator.
  • It is the responsibility of the participants on QQI courses to contact the college by email if they change address to ensure they will receive their QQI certificates correctly.
  • It is essential participants on QQI need to have a valid email address to ensure they receive their QQI provisional results. Provisional results for QQI courses will be sent via email along with tutor feedback.


  b. It is the responsibility of each student submitting work for examination to:

  •  To be able to complete assignments through English
  •  Be aware of course assessment requirements
  •  To have all coursework clearly labelled with name, date of birth and PPS number
  •  Have paid examination fee (where paid separately)


  Section 6: Special Course Requirements Policy

 a. Garda vetting may be necessary for some courses. Students are responsible for accurately filling forms on the first night of course for submission to the Garda Vetting office by LMETB.

  •  Participants should ensure their email address is legible otherwise the form may not be processed correctly by the Gardai.
  •  The email address you submit is your point of contact with Garda Vetting and not OFI night classes.
  •  Participants should check their email regularly after completing an invitation for Garda Vetting to progress their vetting application and ensure it is forwarded for processing.
  •  The vetting processing time is variable and depends on the participants past addresses. It can take between 3 and 6 weeks to complete.

b. Some courses require students to undertake work experience. Students are responsible for securing placements. Insurance and letter of introduction are available from night class office.

c. Insurance letters given for work experience is only valid for the duration of the course.

d. Some courses have special requirements e.g. most QQI level 6 courses require students to have successfully completed level 5 or equivalent. Other courses require students to be already working in a particular field e.g. supervisory management (healthcare) requires students be working in a health care setting.



Section 7: General Conditions

a. Cars are prohibited from parking on the footpaths in order to ensure access for emergency services and people with disabilities.

b. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the school building, grounds and car park.

c. O Fiaich Institute is not responsible for any loss or damage while on the college campus.

d. Photos may be taken by college staff on the campus for promotional purposes.

e. Students must respect tutors, fellow students and college property. School management reserve the right to remove a student if found to disrespect same.

f. We welcome students of all abilities. If a student has special requirements please let the Adult Education Office know in advance of classes starting so arrangements may be made as far as practicable to facilitate such students. 

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