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SOF08 - Communication & Work Experience (Level 6)

Category: Business Studies QQI Level 6

SOF08  - Communication & Work Experience (Level 6)

Participants must find their own work experience to complete this module

Duration 12 Weeks
Cost €320.00
Night Wednesday 6.00pm - 9.30pm
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Level 6 Communications Learning Outcomes:


  1. Critique current issues in communications and information technology, to include digital and mobile technology, the internet, and the policies and principles relevant to a vocational area
  2. Evaluate in practical terms the elements of legislation that must be observed in a personal and or work context, to include health, safety and welfare at work and communications-related legislation, and the responsibilities that apply when working in a supervisory capacity
  3. Assess the impact of non-verbal communication and of the physical environment in everyday human interaction
  4. Construct non-verbal and visual messages, aids, images and environments that promote interpersonal communication, to include presentation aids, handouts, physical arrangement of meeting rooms
  5. Utilise listening skills in a variety of roles and contexts, to include note-taking, receiving messages, taking minutes, reporting, summarising, paraphrasing
  6. Participate in formal and informal working groups, to include leading or facilitating, note-taking, summarising discussion, agreeing outcomes and action points
  7. Use reading techniques to include skimming, scanning, reading for detail, for overview and analysing on a range of written material, including media texts, official documents, business communications, literary texts and technical and or vocational material
  8. Use drafting, editing and proofreading skills and the correct conventions of language usage including spelling, punctuation and syntax to produce formal written communications relevant to a particular vocational area, to include reports, correspondence, faxes, memos, minutes
  9. Use research skills to investigate relevant topics, to include use of effective study skills, research methodologies and enquiry techniques
  10. Demonstrate vocal and interactive skills in personal and professional contexts, including an oral presentation, discussion, debate, meeting, interview and or job seeking skills and for the purposes of persuading, informing, advocating, regulating
  11. Work independently and or in a supervisory capacity, displaying qualities such as assertiveness, self-confidence, tact, diplomacy, empathy and patience


For full Communications component specification Click here 


Level 6 Work Experience Learning Outcomes:

  1. Examine work organisations and personal career opportunities in a particular vocational area, to include consideration of work related issues and needs
  2. Analyse key challenges and opportunities facing a particular vocational area 
  3. Summarise the basic rights and responsibilities of employees and employers in a particular work, organisational or institutional context, to include health, safety and welfare at work, equality legislation, union representation and regulations relating to pay
  4. Compile a personal and vocational skills audit and career plan for a specific vocational area, to include goals and action points for the period of work experience
  5. Present relevant work experience material, to include a CV or personal statement, letter of application, evidence of job-finding skills, skills checklist, statement of learning goals, contractual arrangements
  6. Participate effectively in work experience, to include observation of good timekeeping, working independently while under general direction, meeting deadlines, personal presentation, communication, adherence to health, safety and other relevant regulations
  7. Demonstrate effective communication skills in the workplace, to include personal, interpersonal and technological communication skills
  8. Reflect on workplace experiences, to include feedback by supervisor(s) or mentor(s) on personal performance and challenges such as conflict, criticism, meeting new people and learning in relation to quality management
  9. Explore options for future


For full Work Experience component specification Click here