SOS1920 - World War 2 – The Definitive History – Part 1

Duration 10 Weeks 2 Hours per night
Cost €110.00 
Night Monday 7.30pm - 9.30pm


Course Description

"World War Two the Definitive History"

This is a comprehensive two part 20 week course. 

Note: (These are both hobby courses and all students have the option to take part in either or both of the modules involved. Module 2 will take place in late September 2017.

Part one is mainly focused on the Third Reich. Including the origins of Nationalism and Nazism to the Battle of Stalingrad. (10 weeks)

The second part will cover the tide turning to the end game the atrocities and the Nuremberg trials and the emergence of the United Nations.(10 weeks)

At course end there is an optional trip to Poland to visit the Jewish Quarter in Krakow and Autzwich."

There will be handouts and expert visits to the class."


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