SOF40 - Creative Floral Designs

Learn to arrange simple floral designs for your home

Duration 10 Weeks 
Cost €140.00
Night  Monday 7.00pm - 9.00pm


Creative Floral Designs - Level 1

Create new floral designs with this enthusiastic flower arranging course. While learning various design shapes for various occasions you will also extend your horticultural knowledge of plants and flowers. Individual help will not only encourage your own creativity but will mean you take home a complete floral design each week. So come along and develop a new skill.

Week 1. A Definite Line


Week 2. A Basket Of Spring


Week 3. Meadow Design ‘Riot Of Colour’


Week 4. Valentine’s Day ‘Lover Is In The Air’


Week 5. Traditional Revised


Week 6. Mother Day Hat-Box


Week 7. My Favourite Plate


Week 8. A Miniature Garden 


Week 9. A Cupful Of Flowers


Week 10.  Easter Treasure Hunt


Looking forward to seeing you, Hope you enjoy the course.

Thank you,  Veronica Mc Mahon.


Spring Flower Arranging Classes 

Requirements For Week One:

1 Block Of Green Oasis

1 Plastic Saucer

1 bunch Of Roses – Aldi / Lidl/ Tesco etc.

A Few Twigs and Small Leaves 



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