SOF58  - Sustainable Living NEW

How can we live sustainable lifestyles as individuals and as communities? This course explores positive solutions to many of the local and global issues we face.

Duration 8 Weeks 
Cost €110.00
Night Monday 7.00pm - 9.00pm


 Course Description

Night Class Course Outline




The emphasis of the course is on practical skills that students can apply in their own lives on how they can play their part making the world a better more sustainable place.

The course will use the concept of permaculture design. Whether your interest is in community, horticulture or in engineering; or how you design a home or sustainable community or just how to best navigate the transition to a resilient and low carbon society, the principles of permaculture and regenerative design will be helpful.


Week Outline of class aims

Week 1 theme: Introduction to sustainable design

This week will introduce us to the different themes we will explore in this course. It will begin asking the question ‘how we can live more sustainable and regenerative life styles as individuals and communities’?


Week 2 Theme: Waste minimising and composting

This week we will explore how we can reduce our waste. It will look at composting- How we can we can compost our waste, build soil and why this is so important for our communities.


Week 3 Theme: Water and Energy

This week we will explore water and energy cycles how we use it. How we can reduce our usage and use it more sustainably.


Week 4 Theme: Food This week we will explore food how we produce it and how we can produce it more sustainably


Week 5 This week we will go on a fieldtrip to see a sustainable system in operation. To see a real life practical example of what a sustainable regenerate system might look like. 


Week 6 Create a sustainable design for our own life, house and community


To explore how we put all the learning together and design our life our home and our communities to be more in balance with nature.








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