SOF30  - Intermediate Conversational Spanish

Improve your Spanish & enjoy more career, travel and lifestyle opportunities

Duration 8 Weeks 
Cost  €110.00
Night  Wednesday 7.00pm - 9.00pm


 Course Description

Week Number:

1. Getting to know you: Introducing yourself, meeting others, saying where you are from, Spanish sounds, revision of numbers, months and days of the week. General revision.

2. Talking about your profession, studies, hobbies. Describing people, Verbs: Ser & Estar, Name of objects on your desk, how to buy those and other objects.

3. Learn how to ask where some places, shops, bus stations are. Describe your town/village. Describe your house, apartment, furniture, write an ad to let your apartment.

4. How to express your likes and dislikes. How to express your normal day activities: getting up, having breakfast, going to work, staying at home, watch TV, go to the cinema, etc.

5. Bring some photographs/magazine articles to explain to the class what you do at the weekend with your family and friends or alone.

6. Travel to work and on holidays. Saying how you feel (tired, happy, hungry, etc.) Going to the doctor or hospital.

7. Making a phone call to friends, bus stations, hotels, and arranging go out to a concert, cinema, art gallery.

8. General Revision

Course Outcomes: 

With this course you will become more competent in speaking Spanish using more verbs, vocabulary and expressions. You would on your way to prepare for a recognised exam.

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