SOF37 -  Digital Photography

To get the best possible photographs using the best settings in your digital camera

Duration 8 Weeks 
Cost €110.00
Night  Monday 7.00pm - 9.00pm


 Course Description


Aim of Course:

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to get the most from their digital camera:

Learning outcome:

On completion of this course students will be able to adjust their camera to allow for different light and location settings therefore taking the best photograph possible.

The students will present a portfolio of images on the last week of the course.

Course outline:


Week 1

History of Digital Photography.

How a digital camera works.

General tips on using a Digital Camera.


Week 2

Starting to use your digital camera.

How to frame a photograph to get the best image possible.


Week 3

Making the most of your camera with your computer.

Uploading your images to your computer.


Week 4

Explanation of camera automatic and manual modes. 

Introduce Technical terms of a camera such as:

Macro mode, landscape, Sport and white balance.


Week 5

Exploring Manual settings.

Using the F-Stop, Shutter Speed and ISO.


Week 6

Flash photography:

The do’s and don’ts of how to use flash.

E-mailing photographs explored.


Week 7

Explanation of Focus and metering.


Week 8

Students present their portfolio of images.

General recap of all topics covered.

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