SOF32 - Bike Maintenance

Learn to maintain your bike - all you need to know about keeping your bike safe and in good working order

Duration 5 Weeks 
Cost  €65.00
Night  Wednesday 7.00pm - 9.00pm


Course Description

Who would this course suit? Anyone – this is a practical and interactive course, aimed at anyone from complete beginners to those with some existing knowledge of bike repair.  The tutor will work with each participant to make sure that everyone gets the most from every class in an enjoyable and practical way.

Course Outline:  

Week Number

1. Becoming familiar with the parts of a bike and the tools needed to carry out most repairs. Eliminating options to determine what part(s) exactly needs to be repaired or serviced 

2. Go through the basics of maintenance - fixing punctures,  adjusting gears and brakes, changing cables, checking chain and cleaning and lubricating parts 

3. Begin stripping a bike of its components and building it back up step by step 

4. Go through slightly more complex repairs - headsets, bottom brackets and hubs.

5. Continue to re build bike. Wrap up and  review the previous weeks. 

Course Outcomes: 

With this course you will become competent in most areas of bike maintenance and will have the knowledge to keep your own bike maintained all year round less need to spend €€€€ sending your bike somewhere to be fixed by a mechanic 



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