SOF36  - Counselling & Psychotherapy - An Introduction

Understand yourself on a deeper level and introduce you to the main skills and theory of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Duration 7 Weeks 
Cost €95.00
Night  Monday 6.30pm - 8.30pm


 Course Description


This course gives an outline of some of the basic requirements for those who are aware of the value of counselling and who would like to learn more about its theory and practice.


  • What is counselling –
  • Definitions of counselling
  • Counselling skills in daily life
  • Counselling in Ireland
  • Benefits of acquiring counselling skills
  • The counselling role -
  • Counselling and psychotherapy
  • Qualities of a counsellor
  • Styles of counselling
  • Theories of counselling
  • Elements of counselling -
  • Accurate empathy
  • Unconditional positive regard
  • Genuineness
  • Self-awareness
  • Skills used in counselling -
  • Use of questions
  • Use of empathy
  • Body language
  • Underlying feelings
  • Challenging
  • Practising skills -
  • Group work
  • Observing and listening
  • Working in pairs
  • Case studies
  • Feedback
  • Self-Awareness -
  • Emotional responses
  • Meditation and visualisation
  • Stress Management and assertiveness training models.
  • Working with dreams.
  • Underlying Issues -
  • Crisis counselling
  • Grieving
  • Self-harm
  • Abuse
  • Ethical issues
  • Limitations
  • Support for the counsellor.

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