SOF39  - Floor & Wall Tiling

A class on basic DIY floor and wall tiling

Duration 8 Weeks 
Cost €110.00
Night  Monday 7.00pm - 9.00pm


 Course Description

Tutor: Denis Mullen

Week 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Aims and Methods
  3. Health and Safety
  4. Outline of Course
  5. Feedback – adjust course?

Week 2

  1. Basic Plastering and making good techniques – types of plaster.
  2. Introduction to tools
  3. Trowels – tiling and plastering
  4. Brushes and rollers
  5. Tiling machines and tiling pliers
  6. Types of tiles
  7. How to measure

Week 3

  1. Wall tiling
  2. Types of tiles
  3. Suitable adhesives for various backgrounds/Additives
  4. Setting out for straight and diagonal
  5. Hanging or sticking the tiles

Week 4

  1. Floor tiling
  2. Levelling/moisture content
  3. Types of adhesives for various backgrounds and tiles/Additives
  4. Setting out – Squaring a room 1 2 3 
  5. Sticking the tiles

Week 5

  1. Setting out for floor and wall tiles combines
  2. Using wet cutter
  3. Cutting around obstacles e.g. plugs, pipes windows etc
  4. Using tile trims – how to mitre

Week 6

  1. Finishing and grouting
  2. Sealing porous tiles
  3. Mastic sealing and sealing strips
  4. Review

Week 7

  1. Types of paints
  2. How to apply rollers/brushes
  3. Types of backgrounds surfaces commonly painted
  4. Painting new/old
  5. Quantities and storage of paints and tools

Week 8

  1. Practical painting rolling and brushing
  2. Masking achieving straight lines
  3. Using caulk
  4. Filling types of fillers and how to apply

Week 9

Guide to decorative paint techniques – broken colour colouring washing, graining, marbling, etc.  Sponging , ragrolling, strippling, bagging, stencilling.

Week 10

Student’s choice and review



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