SOF41  - Floral Inspirations

Advance your floral inspirations and aim for competitive work

Duration 10 Weeks 
Cost €140.00
Night  Wednesday 7.00pm - 9.00pm


Course Description

Floral Inspirations

Spring Flower Arranging Classes

Level 2

This new advanced floral art design course incorporating flowers, foliage, fruit and fabric explores influences from abroad and assisted by contemporary design techniques it will open your mind to a new form of beauty.  You will create stunning designs which will enhance all areas of your home, office or wedding venue. So let your creativity run Riot – With Flowers.

Week 1. Inspired By The Rose


Week 2. Colour Contrasts in a Basket


Week 3. Elevation Above My Favourite Container


Week 4. Valentine’s Day A Minimalistic Approach  


Week 5. A Strict Line – Vertical Or Horizontal - Which Will it Be? 


Week 6. Mother Day Platter ‘Weaving Dreams’


Week 7. Nostalgia – A Backward Glance  


Week 8. Miniatures And Petite Designs


Week 9. Branching Out ‘A Birds Nest’


Week 10.  ‘Easter’ – A Time Of Rebirth/Renewal/Rejoice

Looking forward to seeing you, Hope you enjoy the course.

Thank you,  Veronica Mc Mahon.


Spring Flower Arranging Classes 


Requirements For Week One:

1 Block Of Green Oasis

1 Plastic Saucer

1 bunch Of Roses – Aldi / Lidl/ Tesco etc.

A Few Twigs and Small Leaves 




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