Course SOF06 - Nursing Theory & Practice
Duration 10 Weeks
Cost €265.00
Night Monday 6.00pm - 9.30pm


 Course Description

  1. Examine the development of nursing as a profession
  2. Explore the functions of the health care structures and specialties in Ireland and the effects of European Union directives on nursing
  3. Describe the stages of the nursing process and how they relate to patient care
  4. Outline the Code of Practice for nurses
  5. Identify the activities of daily living and how to assist a patient in these activities
  6. Explain commonly nursing terminology and medical abbreviations
  7. Identify the members of primary, secondary and tertiary health care teams and their functions
  8. Explain the importance of precision in administering drugs and recording the procedure
  9. Describe empathic behaviour of the care worker
  10. Practice safe lifting techniques
  11. Execute the measurement and accurate recording of temperature, respiration, blood pressure and fluid balance
  12. Demonstrate knowledge of commonly occurring infections to include the organisms that cause them, the modes of transmission of these organisms, the effects of each infection and how to prevent infection and cross infection.

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