Course SOF18 - Childhood Social, Legal & Health Studies
Duration 10 Weeks
Cost €270.00
Night Monday 6.30pm - 9.30pm


Learning Outcomes


Learners will be able to:

  1. Evaluate a range of factors influencing and impacting on children's health and wellbeing  to include family structure, community, culture, education, health, social services and social status.
  2. Evaluate child protection guidelines in relation to the protection of children and staff.
  3. Assess statutory regulations and national practice guidelines, which relate directly to and impact on early childhood care and education settings.
  4. Utilise a comprehensive range of specialised skills in meeting the needs of parents, children, colleagues and other stakeholders in an ECCE setting in the context of relevant legislation and national practice guidelines
  5. Examine national and international social policy and how it impacts on the wellbeing of children and families.
  6. Devise a range of policies and procedures relevant to ECCE settings, ensuring adherence to legislation and national practice guidelines.
  7. Implement procedures for dealing with specific child protection issues.
  8. Evaluate the relevance of policies and procedures which safeguard children within ECCE settings5.
  9. Critically reflect on how  personal, cultural identity, attitudes and values can potentially impact on  bias, discrimination and prejudice within ECCE settings.
  10. Identify personal learning needs and assist others in identifying learning goals within the context of the social, legal and health framework for ECCE settings.

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